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Welcome to Expedice bookstore!

Expedice is in Český Krumlov since 1993 and right from the beginning we wanted to offer the very best of the new Czech books. 


We have also variety of books in English and German. We know readers from all around the world come to our store and we want to introduce them some key Czech authors like Havel, Kundera, Hašek, Hrabal or Kafka (well technically Kafka is German author but he was born and lived in Prague so we consider him also Czech).

We are proud of our collection of books for children - these books often speaks universally across different cultures. 


So if you visit Český Krumlov and you want to get some nice book, guide or postcard (perhaps with special stamp?) come to our modest bookstore.

Or just come to spend some quiet time among the thousands of books. You are always welcome! 

(Well, at least when we are open. You are not welcome at 3 am for instance. Sorry and thanks for understanding!)

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